About us

De La Cruz Stone Technology is the leading business group in the sector of high-technology machinery for the natural stone, agglomerated and ceramics in Spain and one of the first with advanced technology itself and with the broadest range of machinery of Europe.

From our beginnings, to consolidate the leadership in the technology business, on De La Cruz we have been dedicated to develop systems of work more precise, to give a response to the immediacy that imposes the market, requiring compliance with the highest standards of quality.

De La Cruz Stone Technology was born and has been imposed on the market thanks to its philosophy is always oriented to the search for continuous improvement, innovation and the reality of their products and services. Some values set by the property and assumed as their own by all the people who work in it, that with your creativity and dedication contribute every day in the success of the company.

Our machinery

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Our Services

In De La Cruz Stone Technology The quality of service to our customers is our priority. Therefore, for any doubt, query, comment or suggestion for improvement, you can contact us through our customer service.

You will have the advice of a specialist technician to advise you at all times the steps to follow. In De La Cruz Stone Technology we have a team that makes it possible for the customer experience and the relationship with the company as a client is more than satisfactory. The excellence of the post-sale service and customer care are, without doubt, one of the priorities of our company.

Tele assistance

Our technical team can access the machine without the need for physical movement, all from our offices in the same moment that is required the aid. With this technique the majority of problems no mechanical tend to be solved in a very short time, even in a matter of minutes. Alarm messages, configuration settings, software updates…

Post Sale

To be a De La Cruz client, means have chosen quality, effectiveness and professionalism is not only of machines and facilities but also of the many services to our customers are provided with a suitable information in the pre-sale, efficient service of installation and commissioning of the machines and continuous training to workers to optimize the use of the machines installed.

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